Video: Resource Extraction

Please watch for an analysis of resource extraction and the impact this has on women and the planet. This is a fundamental factor of patriarchy and male violence, and the discussion of this reveals the strategic and relentless drive of capitalist and male greed against women's bodies and the planet on which we depend for survival.

London Lesbian Film Festival 2017

Excerpt: In previous years, the Film Festival had been located in one large theatre, but this year it had been divided and we took up two theatres that were near each other. Since this was my first year, I couldn’t compare, but personally I didn’t mind it too much as I was overwhelmed enough without having that many people in one place. But I heard others were disappointed at the arrangement, which I understand.

Ever made the connection between the similar ways cats and women are treated? The idea that both cats and women are 'mysterious, fickle, unknowable' creatures--when in reality, cats and women are usually very good communicators when you pay attention. Watch this video for some mythbusting, and to meet my cat daughter Priestess, who has very good boundaries.

Video: Cats, Women, & Misogyny