London Lesbian Film Festival 2017

Excerpt: In previous years, the Film Festival had been located in one large theatre, but this year it had been divided and we took up two theatres that were near each other. Since this was my first year, I couldn’t compare, but personally I didn’t mind it too much as I was overwhelmed enough without having that many people in one place. But I heard others were disappointed at the arrangement, which I understand.

Personal: Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

Can a woman with an eating disorder, which isn’t entirely in recovery, ever attempt weight loss without triggering herself? I believe so. I believe some addicts in recovery can also have one glass of wine without relapsing. I believe women contain multitudes. But can I?

Personal: One Year Sober

I struggled all day with writing about sobriety. Today marks one year of sobriety for me, which means abstaining from alcohol as my drug of choice. I decided to just do some kind of list about the pros and cons of this journey, where I am now, and how I foresee sobriety should I continue … Continue reading Personal: One Year Sober